6 Scientific ways to refresh your mood
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6 Scientific ways to refresh your mood after a stressful day

  1. Walking or running :-

It helps in boosting up the mood, walking for 30 minutes and running for 20 minutes minimum, everyday enhances focus level also helps in better sleep and it has the ability to combat with depression.

Tip:- fix a time in morning before breakfast or in evening after dinner. In this way you can give time to your college or office and can fix your stress and tiredness too.

  1. Light yoga workouts

It helps in reduction of the stress hormone which is called cortisol, It is suggested to do yoga at least 2-3 times a week.

Tip:- Some of it includes downward facing dog, Chair pose, mountain pose

  1. Meditation

It is the most commonly preferred activity to release stress, it helps in reducing the blood pressure of the body and it helps in bringing more patience.it release a hormone cortisol which minimize stress and tiredness.

Tip:- find a peaceful place. It can be your living area or your own room. Spray a good room freshener so that you feel fresh. Sit on a mat and follow a proper mediation technique.

  1. Massage

A light massage of legs and arms and back can relaxes muscles of the body and improves the immune system.

Tip:- Do a chair massage for at least 20 minutes.

  1. Proper Sleep

According to a University of California survey 2021. Lack of sleep can result in arising more worries because a part of brain that produces anxiety gets active.

Tip:- make sure when you sleep there should be no disturbing noise and a proper pitch black room which will relax the muscles of your eyes and you can easily get into a deep perfect sleep.

  1. Listen to Music

Many a times music is used as therapy because it is proved by many and published in European journal that music can be used as a treatment. Listening to music can reduce your anxiety and depression.

Tip:- Make your own collection of your favourite songs playlist. Humming and enjoying a song while listening is more beneficial.