9 Workouts to lose weight at home
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9 best exercises for weight loss at home

  1. Aerobic exercise

It is a fun workout where you can enjoy music and groove on it. There are many tutorials available online for free. You just need a TV screen where you can attach the recorded video. Use speakers for more fun and bring thrill to your journey of losing weight.

  1. Skipping

It is jumping by crossing over a rope which you hold with your both hands. It helps in sweating and burning calories faster. Skipping for at least 20 minutes is equals to 60 minutes of running and can help you lose weight and boost up your stamina.

  1. Planks

It is known as a core exercise, where you place your hand straight on the floor keeping your arms straight.  Your head should be relaxed and down facing. Do planks 15 minutes a day. It helps to burn upto 3 calories every minute you hold in this position.

  1. Push ups

If you want to build your upper body strength then push ups should be your first choice.

There are many levels of push ups and thus have different types:-

Some of it are like, standard push up, diamond push up, clapping push up, decline push up, incline push up, bent knee push up and so on.

  1. Squats

Stand strong on the floor bend your knees and push your hips to the back. Keep your hands straight in the air and hold the positon. It helps in the release of a hormone that helps you lose weight faster.

  1. Yoga

The right breathing technique followed with a particular body posture brings you wonderful results. There are plethora of yoga aasanas that helps in losing weight. Surya namaskar, cobra pose, triangle pose and many other.

  1. Lunges

It works on boosting up the metabolism and improving the strength of lower body muscles. Simply, set your feet apart like you are running. One leg should be diagonal and with other leg bend knees and make an angle of 90 degrees and with your hands make a pressure on the thigh. Hold for few seconds and repeat with other leg.

  1. Running

It is the best formulae if you are a new comer in fitness. Follow a good diet and run 30 minutes in morning and same in evening. This would help you lose calories stay fit and young. Running has its good impact on overall body upper body as well lower body.

  1. Swimming

It is a skill as well a workout. The movements you make with your arms and legs which help you hold up on water also builds up metabolism and helps losing calories.