Banana : weight loss or weight gain
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Whenever we think of a better diet it is always recommended because it has all the nutritonal elemnts which a human needs in the overall day.. Bananas can be considered as most popular among all fruits. It is always included in the fitness diet because not only it helps in maintaining perfect body weight it also supports overall body health inclusive of heart, guts, and digestive system.

A green banana which is not completely ripe can improve gut health. A fully ripe banana is an amazing remedy for better digestive system because the high fibre content in it relax down the process of digestion and removes toxicants from your stomach.

It’s a good source for potassium and fibre, it Boost overall body metabolism. A banana does not contain any fat but carbohydrates, however it has 105 calories in one banana. For weight loose it can be taken as a Pre workout snack also in between meals.

For eg. One whole wheat bread (make it a toast) + spread 1 spoon peanut butter + slice 1 banana over it.

  • Don’t exceed the limit, eat one banana at a time. It will keep you full stomach and maintain your body’s energy level.
  • Only focusing on banana intake is not going benefit you, always track your overall diet, Plan your meals Fix a time for your snacks, meals and workouts.
  • Don’t forget consistency is the key to all progress.

Now, let see how a banana can help you gain weight. As of now you know about all the nutritional elements of banana. You are free to eat maximum 3 bananas at a time, however limitize it if effects your digestion. 

For eg. Take 2 bananas + 4 Almonds + 1 cup Milk = make it a smoothie

  • To gain weight always take it when your stomach is empty. It can be in the morning time.
  • Include it in your meals, (however you can skip it during night time) it is a rich source of calories.
  • Not just weight a banana will help you gain body mass and improve your overall body strength.