Best Morning drinks for Belly Fat loss?
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Now a days many dieticians or nutritionists advice different types of morning drinks for belly fat loss. They told you to consume these drinks on empty stomach and then you will easily lose your belly fat in few days. 

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Believe me, all these advices are BULL - SHIT . They write all these to get more views. 

Some of these famous drinks are :

 glass of lemon

  •  Honey Lemon water 
  •  Jeera water
  •  Saunf water
  • Ajwain water
  • Lemon ginger water and so on. 

All these drinks are healthy, because they contain natural spices, herbs or vegetables etc. but not even a single one has any relation to fat loss or weight loss or belly fat loss. 

So don't be trapped in these false information. You have to eat healthy, be in calorie deficit, have to exercise with consistency, sleep well and manage stress level if you want to lose fat.