Burn belly fat in few weeks
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Life is fast moving. In this running time human strive hard to achieve whatever they aim for, whether it’s a perfect body or job promotions. Here I am sharing you some magical tips that’ll bring you in perfect shape within few weeks.

Here are some food items, that’ll help you build a perfect belly.

Green tea

You can have it into ways hot or cold, for more flavour you can squeeze half lemon in it. Drink a cup of green tea in the morning as well in evening.

Cucumber mint detox water

To make take one bottle of water add some mint leaves cut one cucumbers into slices and squeeze half lemon in it and shake the bottle. Sieve it and store it. Have this water throughout the day after your breakfast and even after dinner.

Water melon smoothie

Cut some water melon into small pieces crush them nicely add mint leaves lemon for taste and some salt. You can add other fruits peaches to it. Make it a smoothie and enjoy.

Brown pasta/rice

This helps in cutting fat from your body. Because it is high in fiber and has very low fat content. You can have this in lunch for better results.

Check these exercises given below for quick results :-


It is an energetic dance form which consist of some exercises. An ideal Zumba session should last 30 minutes at least. You can find free Zumba lessons over internet and you can take part in it virtually.


It is an exercise where your stomach holds on all the pressure. It helps in burning fat from the area pf your stomach particularly.


It is a dance form containing exercises. When you repeat an exercise number of times. You get excel in it also, burns fat quicker.


It is an ultimate solution to many human problems. If you are suffering to cut belly fat from your body 30 minutes of everyday walk or running will reduce it.  Results can be visible to you within 2 weeks.