Dates for weight loss and fitness
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Nowadays, vegan is the trend that most of the youth follows and dates works as a great source of protein for vegetarians as well vegans. It can be consumed at any time of the day and can be included in any meal.

  1. What are the essential nutritional elements of dates?

Dates carries a very high level of unsaturated fatty acid, which helps in controlling obesity.

It contains a iron and calcium which is good for eyes, bones and helps in maintaining good blood circulation level, so every body part gets essential amount of oxygen like hairs and skin.

  1. How dates help in achieving your Fitness goal?

Also, dates are the great source of fibre which is essential requirement if you are on fat loss diet, it can help you to stay empty stomach for longer periods. Also if your fitness goal is body building then dates can help you reach your high protein requirement easily. It can help you boost your immunity level and maintain a good metabolic level. You can take minimum 4 dates daily.

  1. How can I include it in my daily diet?

Dates are sweet in taste, so you easily swap it with sugars. You can add it on your salads as a topping. Also have 3-4 soaked dates empty stomach with 1 glass of lukewarm water in morning. You can also have it after dinner with your desserts just chop it into few pieces and spread it over your ice-cream, cheese cake or yoghurt.

  1. What results I can see on my body if I consume it daily?

Having 3-4 dates daily can improve your skin elasticity by making it more radiant and glowing due to presence of vitamin C and D. which supports the formation of collagen in skin.