Digitalizing Business, Myths debunking
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Digitalising business

Myths :- debunking

Every business has the target to grab the highest goodwill in the market. All the business men always tries harder to extract the best results and profits. But there are still many people who believe that expanding business through online measures is risky and non-profitable. There are many disbeliefs and backward logics of some people who spreads myths and rumours in the society.

Today, we are going to break-out all these myths and disbeliefs it will give a new vision towards digitalising business :-


Time Consuming

Running a business is a pressurising task.  The head of the business has to tackle number of things to cooperate with the market. It becomes difficult for the owner or higher authorities to maintain a perfect cycle in practical world and online platforms. It takes a lot of time to build a customer base on internet.


With the help of growing technology it becomes easier to build up a customer base on internet. One can easily manage to keep their accounts up to date and share every event and good happenings of business with everyone time to time. Like,  ActiveU is highly focusing on sharing more and more information and connecting businesses with their customers. On ActiveU it is very easy to update information in very less time.


Very Costly

The people think that it is costly to hire a company who can advertise for them and provide them higher ranking in the market. These advertising and digitalising companies charges a lot of fees for completing the tasks to create a goodwill for the company.


In actual if the business man searches out the best deal and the finds the company with the most suitable plan and offers can lead to increase their benefits and reduce the costs. There are many companies available in the market. Like, the ActiveU Digital Platform charges a minimum commission and in return delivers the best service to their partners.

Needs High Knowledge in this Field

One should be highly educated and experienced to work online. For example :- a simple business man running a home Dance Academy cannot transform its business to online because he has less knowledge about it and it can lead to loss.


No higher knowledge is required for digitalising business. Anyone can start from the basics and grow further. One can make their own account at social media and post their daily activities. We can share our contact details so that any customer can reach to us easily. Slowly and steadily the viewers increases with time.

No Need to Expand the good going Business

Already popular business or a business with the high goodwill in the market usually don’t go for online track, because they feel no need due to their higher customer preferences in the market. They take it as matter of wasting up of time.


The business with good rating should also transform their business to online for their existing and bigger customer base because every customer expects high facilities and services from their respective brand. By taking up business to the online platforms customer would feel easier to stay connected and they can have access to the information in few seconds.

Online payment is not safe option

Booking online and sharing bank account details at internet can lead to fraudulent practices. Anyone can hack the information and use it for wrong purposes.


One should firstly check out the legal perspective of every website before putting or sharing the bank information. Not every website is made to hack the bank details but we can go for genuine and right company or website or app. If you are trying to pay online for the first time check the reviews and comments of the people for the particular website before making a payment.

The data can be misused

The data we store at social media or we share with any advertising company or digitalising company can misuse the details. They can leak the confidential information and it can be harmful for the status of the business.


Social media keeps the information confidential and unreachable to the common people. The genuine sites and companies will always maintain the privacy of every partner and customer they only store some information about the user to protect the user from future miss-happenings.


Technology can never be a harmful thing until we use it badly. Every business should adapt the changes and walk along with the trend to sustain in the market.  The business man with alert mind and with forward looking foresight can achieve higher goodwill and support from the customers.