Does coffee help you in weight loss : Check what science says
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A plain cup of black coffee contains less than 5 calories and 0 fat. So it is understood that it will not help you in gain weight. But sometimes it contains extra sugars or even added calories.

Let’s understand that does it help in weight loss and how much intake of coffee is recommended. Everyone knows that coffee contains caffeine but it also have some other important elements.

  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Theophylline
  • Theobromine

These numerous amount of anti-oxidants and elements gives signals to the nervous system and impacts in slow absorption of carbs, it also helps in transferring fat from fa tissues of the body to the blood, that’s why it is useful in boosting metabolism and burn calories. So, basically higher metabolism leads to more burning of calories.

  1. Negative impacts of overdosed caffeine


  • Drinking more coffee can lead to less sleep and can increase your sugar cravings.
  • Also it may not help if you have obesity.


  1. Recommended Intake of coffee


  • At least have 3 cups of black coffee in a day and limitize your calorie intake to see good and quick results.
  • For cardiovascular health, it will help you improving your blood pressure.
  • Black coffee without sugar and milk is preferred but you can also go for green coffee which is healthier.