Lifestyle changes to Cure diabetes
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Lifestyle changes to Cure diabetes

It’s important to manage your blood sugar level when you have diabetes. Constantly ignoring the sugar levels could have the impact on long term health and can cause heart disease or kidney disease.

To stay energetic and healthy, it is advised to keep your blood sugar level managed, alongside you can opt the following things in your life to live ecstatically and control your diabetes.


  1. Make your routine healthier by doing regular exercise. Look for some healthy exercises or yoga poses. Some of the basic yoga poses include mountain yoga pose, bow pose, upward-facing dog.
  2. It is advised that if you have ketones present in your urine, you should skip exercises and should consult your doctor.
  3. Never skip your medicine routine and always maintain your insulin levels.
  4. Make a full and assured diet plan. Include healthy and wide range of food items consult a dietitian. So, that you never get bored of your diet plan. It is suggested to not to skip your meals.
  5. You can skip soft drinks or soda and switch to water. Drink at least 7-9 glasses of water in a day.
  6. Always have a limited intake of alcohol or tobacco.
  7. Eat fruits or have freshly made fruit juices.
  8. To make your complete meal always have a combination of lean protein, non-starchy food items and grains.