Perfect Diet Perfect Body - tips for a perfect diet
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  • Endeavour Whole grains as a substitute of refined grains, It helps managing body weight.
  • Try different combinations of fruits and vegetables rather than ordinary repetitive diet.
  • Seek for Saturated fats as an alternative for unsaturated fats, it lowers the risk for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Pick out nuts, eggs and fish instead of processed meat, these are full of anti-oxidants as well as nutrients.
  • Make use of Ceramic containers rather than plastics in microwave, its toxic free therefore harmless.
  • Add Herbs and spices in your diet instead of going tasteless, it reduces stress hormones also protects from plethora of diseases.
  • Imbibe more Water on the place of consuming sugary drinks, this will keep you dehydrated and physically dynamic as well.
  • Devour Honey and maple syrup as a substitute of dietary sugars, it helps gaining weight and maintain good cholesterol.