Power Yoga
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Power yoga is done at a much faster pace. The traditional practice of Ashtanga has a set number of postures that need to be followed and held for five breaths. Power yoga is bringing these two together and performing the same routine at a quicker pace. Vinyasa refers to the movement between the poses in power yoga. This movement is more of a focus than the poses themselves. Whereas in other forms of yoga, the movement from one position to another is not as important as the time spent holding the posture itself, in power yoga it is this movement or vinyasa that is the primary focus and that gives power yoga its cardiovascular element. vinyasa yoga is also described as “flow yoga” because of the fluidity of the movement from one posture to the next.

Benefits of Power Yoga

  1. Power yoga bolsters flexibility, stamina and strength.
  2. Power yoga promotes improvement of one person's ability and capability to focus and concentrate.
  3. Power yoga helps people release the distracting anxiety and overall tension.
  4. Power yoga helps one person develop and maintain good and proper posture.
  5. Power yoga tones the body in a way that is neither hard nor stressful.
  6. Bodily toxins are removed from the physical or body system through the sweat the body excretes during power yoga session.
  7. Power yoga also serves as a great warm up or training activity for all sorts and types of athletes.
  8. Power yoga, when done regularly would help improve an athlete's overall performance especially in demanding sports like golf, football, cycling and of course, swimming.