Spend A Perfect & Healthy Sunday
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1. Make a meal plan
Sunday is perfect day to get healthier instead of sitting on your couch and spending day watching Netflix you can fix your meals of the coming week. Collect all the necessary things from the market. I am sure you’ll find a good sale because of weekend. 
2. Time for self-care
So, who don’t love pampering yourselves with comfortable body massage or meni-pedi treatment or some hair care or a good body spa, sounds interesting and refreshing, right?!. Listening to good music and chilling is also a self-care. Take break from harsh and tough routines. 
3. Do what you love nature or friends or solo-hang out
You can take a walk in the park or you can spend time with your loved ones. Go for a picnic where you can play and spend time in greenery. Sometimes, we are alone like if you are hosteller, you can go on a solo hang out at your favourite café or cinema or malls
4. Break the rules
Sunday has its own electrifying vibes where you can just relax and chill for the whole 24 hours. For the ones who follow tough diet on Sunday you can celebrate your cheat day and eat whatever you want. Also, you can skip your workouts. 
5. Have a quality bath or sleep
Spend time with yourself, if you have to spend a lot of your time on screens, on your day off you can keep your eyes on rest. Rub ice by covering it with a soft cloth on your eyes. Dip a cotton wipe in cold milk and place it on closed eyes for few minutes. Take a shower use body scrubs and aromatic soaps to make you feel fresh and alive. 
6. Watch your favourite shows 
If you are doing a sitting job you must be to just lie on your bed on your day off. You can take a back massage or body spa. However you can also spend time watching shows which is missed in the week days. Make a list of the series or movies you want to see and bring some snacks for more fun. Laos you can invite your friends to spend time with you.