Vinayasa Yoga
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Vinyasa Yoga branches out from Hatha Yoga, a?nd the postures flow with the breath in this type of yoga. Based on the Ashtanga practice, which is powerful and regimental in itself, this form of yoga can be quite challenging for beginners. When Vinyasa Yoga is done at a fast pace, it becomes Power Yoga. It is performed at a faster pace than Yin yoga and is directed towards having the flow from one posture to another done in a smooth and timely fashion.


Vinayasa Yoga Benefits

1.It is extremely beneficial as a lean muscle mass builder as it gives equal attention to all the muscle groups.

2.Since your breath is in sync with the movement, fresh oxygen fuels and loosens up all the muscles. When the muscles are flexed, the stress is released and reduced from the ligaments, joints, and tendons. This prevents injuries, tears, and muscle pulls.

3.It allows you to shun the static thoughts running through your mind. As you focus on inhaling and exhaling, your central nervous system is calmed down. It has an extremely positive effect on your being.

4.The breathing calms your mind and also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. Your organs are healed, and they begin to work to their full potential. Metabolism is regulated.

5.This also works on many muscle groups, and the building of muscles results in burning of calories.

6.The heat created in the body while you practice cleans the thick, impure blood and makes it thinner. This helps improve blood circulation throughout the body.