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The expedient trend during lockdown

Every instructor or trainer running academy and activity centre are setting up a paradigm in front of the people who don’t want to stop learning even at the time of lockdown and COVID-19. It is the unprecedented opportunity for learners as well as trainers. One can teach and learn from home just by connecting through internet.

How can you become a part of this new virtual wave.


  1. Feeling Sceptical in choosing a right trainer?

One should find trainers on various sites and even on social media to get contact with the righteous one. Check out the latest offers on online class’s internet daily. Find out a platform which can keep a record of your activities and can give you better suggestions as ActiveU Digital Platform not only provide contact information and social media details but also it will filter out the righteous academy for you in seconds.

  1. Finds difficult to manage daily routine?

We all are already indulged in studies, work load and other home chores so attending a class on daily basis can affect the time management. To resolve this, you can go for a time table app, in which you can set up every task and divide it into hours easily. Put on the reminder to keep the tasks on track and on time.

  1. Straining in access to resources?

There is no need of number of equipment’s to initialize the learning.One should be available with internet and the required app to start face to face learning.Moreover the unavailability of necessary equipment can be replaced by an alternate after discussing it with the trainer.

By staying optimistic and confident you can easily learn number of activities that can benefit you in personal and professional life.


  1. Needs guidance for creative teaching?

There is no need for training and guidance for becoming creative teacher. You just need to improve communication skills and engaging customer skills. Try new encouraging words while teaching every day. Maintain a good communication between learner and you.Advertise your online teaching page on social media like Instagram, Facebook etc. and on advertising platforms like ActiveU digital Platform to grab a bigger customer base at your hand for free.

  1. Lack of essentials and equipment?

Just be relaxed and clam down if you are at the beginning stage of online teaching. Start from basic available equipment, try to adopt alternates of the essentials that will in turn encourage learner to get inspiration from you.

  1. Costly machines of your academy are not in use during lockdown?

The unused machines which are not in use during lockdown, can be leased on rent to learners. The rent amount can be fixed while making up a deal. Implementing this will enhance the learning by raising learner’s excitement level. It will create a supportive environment and you can compensate the lack of physical presence.

Following up these points will signifies the strength and enables you to become a spanking online learner and teacher. Adopting and indulging yourself in this new trend will be tremendously effective with varying degrees of enthusiasm and concern.