ActiveU is a specialist online platform that provides a qualitative & quantitative nearby search and booking portal for various activities facilities. ActiveU operates alongside eclectic activity & sports venues to better to promote their enriched facilities, services, courts, grounds and sports halls, and simplify the booking process. ActiveU works with facility operators of all types and sizes, ranging from local community centres to major leisure operators.

ActiveU simplifies the booking process, increases participation, and maximises revenue at sports venues. Benefits of signing up with ActiveU include featuring in search, an increase in exposure through marketing, and promotion to our extensive database of active eclectic facilities.

When you become the user of ActiveU you become the part of intellectual digital platform where you can handle all your transactions, classes and sessions on your phone or desktop. We highlight individual classes, online sessions, online booking which enhance the online participation and beneficial in the time of COVID-19

ActiveU is currently operating in North India and the UK. We will be expanding our reach to new cities in 2021 rapidly. Please email us at to register any further interest.

Simple booking is the perfect software for the managers of activity centres who don't want to install a full bookings system, but have available pitches, courts, slots etc. which they would like to sell online. The system allows for the simple upload of available slots for inclusion in our online booking calendars.

ActiveU is an online platform which connects all activity lovers together, so whether you are learner or trainer or running a business teaching an activity you can sign in and you can increase exposure, feel safe with secure payment method and simplified search.


To open an account you have to click on +ADD SERVICES from the home page and upload all the necessary details. After getting the email of registration the further step is to make your account. In which you have to add the following information:- 1. Contact details 2. Business/Trainer name 3. Images/videos 4. Operating Hours 5. Plans (memberships) 6. Individual plans Just by adding the above information you will get the online market exposure and it can be seen by customers at the activity page of ActiveU. If you have any difficulty listing your details and services contact us on where we can make the account on your behalf. To create your profile it can take up to 10 minutes.

To change any of the details, whether it is contact details or business or any other, you can change it once you have logged in from your menu. Edit what you need toc change then click on the save option to update your account.

We offer products to the user that are useful while learning any activity. We have differentiated the shopping into 3 categories men women and accessories. We are available with the full package of intellectual learning of the customer. Just by clicking on your account name, an option of add business will appear in the menu. You can add more branches of your activity centre very easily. The next step will be to add the details of other branches, it will be shown as a separate branch on the activity page.

In addition to featuring as a recommended partner listing on ActiveU search and booking portal, your business will benefit from expert digital marketing. This will include professional venue photography of your facilities and inclusion in regular digital marketing campaigns to our database of activity lovers. ActiveU digital marketing team is experts in maximizing venue exposure and player participation and will work with you to promote the available times at your venues.

We keep every information confidential and unreachable to the general public. Your user email and password will be kept secure.

We offer high discounts in the subscription model, if you are joining in the long term also we provide number of offers through our shopping portal.

You can purchase a membership after signing in as partner via adding your business or adding yourself as individual trainer. The subscription model defined at the homepage explains all the services and benefits provided. Commission is accepted per booking which varies with membership. You can have access to timetable, SMM, own personal account and many more other services.

The ActiveU Membership will give you complete access to your partner account in which you will get timetable, operating time display, personal info or company info display, images & videos uploading, promoting your own events and news. Moreover the user will be able to book you online through your own membership plans and individual virtual classes. Please go through the subscription model for the detailed info or contact us.


You can add limitless orders to your cart and pay via online payment system. However, we are constantly making improvements to the functionality of the site and hope to advance this feature.

To make changes like change username or address just go to option my profile, edit changes and save the information. A separate option is available to change password is available.

To cancel your order just go to your cart and cancel the plan you want to remove. or contact us on

You can see your booked classes on your dashboard.

To share the details of activity centre or blog or news, the share option is available at the top of the page. You can also share the link through a wide range of options best suitable to yourself and who you want to share with.

Signing in as ActiveU User is free of cost. In which you are going to get free access to search all activities whether you choose activity center or individual trainer. The activities will include dance, fitness, yoga, music, martial arts, sports & child friendly programs. You will be able to check, compare and pay online through the safest mode of payment.


To add your own memberships, partner have to add their plans. It can be of the length 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and so on. These membership plans will be appeared in your activity centre, at the activity page. Also, one can add individual plans which will be in virtual (online) or in practical daily sessions that you can add in the form of a time table.

Paying online is fully secure, this feature is added for the benefit of customer. So that they can book their seat immediately for their favourite class. It facilitates less time wasting, higher discounts and safest transaction.

In addition to featuring as a recommended venue listing on ActiveU search and booking portal, your venue will benefit from expert digital marketing. This will include professional venue photography of your facilities and inclusion in regular digital marketing campaigns to our database of activity lovers. ActiveU digital marketing team is experts in maximizing venue exposure and player participation and will work with you to promote the available times at your venues.

It will show all of the classes offered by partners in the form of a time table. Through this the customer will be benefited through short term memberships and the partner can easily add and manage its individual plan through their personal account.

These features are added to keep the customer and partner updated and connected. Events are for limited time and to acknowledge customer about the recent activities of the activity centres. The news is added time to time so that one can know more about their favourite activities. Blogs are added to increase the knowledge about the activity world.

You will get the subscription table at Home Page. The price of ActiveU Pricing Plan varies with the number of services and time period. The best suitable subscription plan for our partners which we highly recommend is the Premium 1 year, where you can experience most of the services and provisions for period of 12 months.