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D-Fire Dance Academy has categorized various forms of dance specially for childern. Learning along with enjoying is our leading motive behind allocating various varities in front of you. Some of these are mentioned in the following :-

  1. Basic Dance Steps

  2. Mirror Dance

  3. Karmping Dance

  4. Tating Dance

  5. Water Dance

The  trainers of D-Fire dance academy are having experience of more than 10 years in the feild of dance and fitness. We are teaching dance professionally also, so that one can be able to earn world wide recognition. The professional dance forms are mentioned in the following :-

  1. Belly dance

  2. Jazz Dance

  3. Folk Dance

  4. Bollywood Dance 

There are many more other dance forms available here.

We educate every individual that fitness is also achievable with dancing. There are some dance forms that brings flexibilty, self-confidence, healthy body, fitter life, like :-

  1. Aerobics

  2. Chair Aerobics

  3. Step pad Aerobics

  4. Zumba Dance

D-Fire dance Academy has integrated fitness with dance  and becoming the prime platform  of this feild. We have designed various challanges like 50 days challange to reduce weight and tasks for the fitness enthusiasts get right transformation earlier. Our slashing packages for exercise motivates and encourage every individual to learn and acquire more.


D-Fire Dance Academy is also preparing solo, group and couple performances for wedding choreography and event choreography. We give our finest service to make your best movements of life unforgetable. 

Various Camps are arranged in summers as well as in winters for the childern. In which we educate childern  the moral values along with fun and enjoyment. 

We prepare individual for partcipating in higher level competitions and contests by delivering the professional training from our skilled mentors. The rightly managed environment will be provided to every learner to rise and acquire perfection step by step.

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D-Fire Dance Academy is newly inaugurated dance & fitness platform available for all potential customer without any age or gender barrier. We are delivering affordable services & facilliites to every customer. Our trainers are specialised in various dance forms for children like water dance , mirror dance, electricc dance and many more. The different dance styles  maintain the excitement level of children and also they get the chance of  learning new activities in their idle time. Our children take participate in various competitions time to time and they are holding top position for the same and they become popular  at very early stage of life.

Additionally, we prepare families and  couples for weddings choreography and choreography for various occassions and events with affordable membership plans. Ocassions are imperishable part of our life we are here to make it unforgettable & enjoyable.

D-Fire dance Academy also integrated fitness along with dance  because our  ultimate motive is to provide more and more services and varieties to the every people, under this we are available with weight management, body toning, Cardio training, Crossfit and many more. Our so many satisfied and gratified customers are setting up the benchmark for the new customers to grow higher.and rise up.

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Sunday 07:00 AM To 01:00 PM , 03:00 PM To 08:00 PM
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