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The Infinity Fitness studio has organised so many fitness programs to maintain your fitness along with educating you the benefits of fitness. The positive transformation of your body from unhealthy to fittest one is our ultimate goal.

  1. Meditation :- It is the art of developing the inner self by concentrating to the soul. It increases patience, focus, Mind stability, which is very necessery in such a rapidly growing culture & technology.

  2. Top to toe Toning :- This session is all about body shaping according to the age and height. In this session the body mass index is brought up to the right percentage with following the right diet and exercise routine.

  3. Weight Reduction :- Majority of people are prone to obesity due to bad eating habits. This program will provide you knowledge about everyday remedies & also we are available with the combination of proper exercise and gym equipments to reduce the weight at the faster rate.

  4. Power Yoga & Slow yoga :- These yoga forms brings the inner stability and outer body strength, if rightly practise in the daily routine. The slow yoga is the cobination of  meditating along with performing yoga poses. Power yoga is the process of holding breath and fastly performing the yoga poses.

  5. Open air yoga session :- The full vantilation is proviided while performing yoga. As it connects you with nature that brings positivity and calmness in the life. We are available with all arrangements for open air yoga sessions.

  6. Facial yoga :- This is brought up to stop the aging effect on the face and making the bones and muscles of facial area more stronger. practising it daily brings the natural beauty along with this you will get glowing skin.

  7. Zumba & Aerobics :- These are the forms of exercise which are performed along with musical backgrounds and maintaining the cordination between all. These brings the passion to get healthier and practising it daily becomes full of fun.

  8. Bhangra :- This is specially brought up to bring energy and confidence in the individual. Bhangra is most prefered dance form among the youngsters. As is increases the flexibility with high volume rhythmic backgrounds.


The Infinity Fitness Studio is providing many more other benefits considering today life's major issues that can be cured with Yoga. These are :-

  1. Improved Concentration :-  The raising competitions higher pressure of studies needs good concentration level to face these issues. We are vailable with increasing concentration plans. Including of various yoga , Exercises and games that sharpen the minds of childern.

  2. Confidence Booster :- The low confidence and low presentation skillls now cannnot make you feel down because we are available with confidence boosting plans that will include yoga and other activities that increases mind stability and confidence.

  3. Better Quality Sleep :-  Sleeping problems are very common and needed to be cured we have natural solution for this which is yoga and exercise that can relaxes the body and mind. So no more strong medicines required anymore to sleep well.

  4. Games & Events :- We arrange various events time to time that keeps you motivated and energetic. The events will include summer camps, Yoga day celebrations, Fitness games and many more.

  5. Everyday Different Routine Followed :- We do not follow the same routine every day because the individual can loose her interest with the fixed routine. We are focusing on to keep you connected with yoga & fitness for a long time. 

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 The Infinity Fitness Studio is fully established and available with full fitness program for ladies and also for youth. We are having experinced instructors for teaching Zumba, Aerobics, Fitness Training, Meditation, Yoga and many more activities. There are so many satisfied and happy costumers of our fitness studio. We teach to stay connected with the Yoga as well as fitness with providing them training and also motivating them by showing them self tested results. This increase their passion for achieving their fitness goals.

The individual plan is  followed for every individual and the results will apper in few days. Our teachers having immense knowledge and experince in this field. We know how to keep you indulged and motivated with our satisfying services.We guide individual to take step further and get educated to stay fit in the long run as well as  there is no need to look back  now you can also achieve fitness by joining with us. It is the best place for all the fitness programms that are performed  under one roof. Mrs. Shanu Kapoor believes that the pain you feel today will give you strength tomorrow and learn and get the infinifte benefits of fitness.

We have brought up so many activites and yoga tips to cope-up with common issues. Like, The sleeping problem, Low concentration, Low confidence, Lazyness, High stress and many more. We have designed various plans suitable to cure these problems. Join the infinity fitness studio if you really want to celebrate fitness and want to transform yourself positive, stable, healthy and fit.

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