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MONA DANCE ACADEMY is available with the highly supporting and experinced teachers who had participated worlwide, are in service, to make childern excel in dance. We are teaching dance styles including :-

  1. Classical :-  This is indian dance style requires the stability of mind and hard practising, our teaches are here to bring these required skills in the childern. So that childern can perform it feralessly and confidently.
  2. Western :- This dance form is originated from western countries. The childern should be flexible and fast moving to perform this style. The every day continues practise brings the perfection in the childern.
  3. Folk Dance :- It is the punjabi daance style including gidha, bhangra, boliya and many more. This is performed in the traditional outfits which connects the childern with thier culture and tradition.
  4. Bollywood :- every childern loves to follow their favourite actors whether in dance or attire. We are here to teach bollywood dance to maintain the interest level of the student.
  5. Bhangra, Dandia, Garba, Rajsthani :- These are the traditional indian dance forms originated from various states of india. These are practised in their different costumes which speaks about their culture. These dance form brings the sense of attachment with the culture in the childern.
  6. Aerobics :- There are fitness plans organised by our academy which includes various games, fitness chart, Aerobics class and many more. Aerobics is exercise along with dance and listening to the music. 
  7. Wedding choreography  :- We are providing private classses for the wedding choreography at very reasonable prices. Our team teaches the easy to carry dance steps so that the performer feels comfortable while performing and the ocassion becomes memorable for the performers as well as the audience.
  8. Summer Camps ans Winter Camps:- We are oragnising events to refresh childern from busy lifestyles. The camps will be consisting of various games, Fitness plans and educating sessions for the childern. These camps are entertaining as well as full of knowledge.


  1. Suitable Environment :- The childern feels easy to indulge themselves in the environment of our academy. We have divided the classes according to the age because student learn faster among the childern of their age. Also the mother and childern can also join together, which makes a stronger relationship and learning becomes easy.
  2. Special attention for the preparation of  National & International Events :-  We prepare childern for national as well as international competitions and events. This is to increase the morale and confidence in the individual.
  3. Annual Events :- We arrange various events  time to time. Our teachers are specialised in teaching more and more dance styles in less time. so that one can get more benefit of joining with us.


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MONA DANCE ACADEMY is very vast dance platform teaching various dance styles and also available for fitness programs for women. We have experinced and skilled instrucotor team to coperate you and the dance style which seems difficult we make it easier for you. We coperate childern to participate worlwide, earn fame and recognition to make families proud .

Along with teaching dance we are also special fitness classes for women whether working or housewife considering today's health issues. These health sessions will be including Exercise, Aerobics, Fitness games and many more. Our platform is also playing its role in maintaing the enthusiasm in the childern by organising summer camps and winter camps. According to Mrs. Monika, one of the instructoe at Mona Dance Academy "Dance is the worship and where the dance is practised becomes the temple bcause along with perfection and recognition dance brings inner stability and strength which is nesesory part of our life. She considers The Mona Dance Academy as the temple of dance". We are teaching plethora of dance styles some of them are :- 

  1. Classical
  2. Western
  3. Folk
  4. Bhangra
  5. Dandia
  6. Garba
  7. Rajasthani
  8. bollywood

And many more

We also provide  private classes for occasional choreography and wedding choreography at very reasonable prices. We are here to make your event memorable and unforgettable. Join our academy and get all these benefits at your hand and enjoy the leisure of learning dance.

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