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Pranic Healing Foundation is developed to cure people suffering from disparity of life. We have organised various sessions and plans based on different issues. We also train a person to become a professional in the field of Mediation and Healing therapy. Along with practising we also integrate people with traditional culture and introduce them with the original forms of meditation, which brings the real wisdom.

We are available with the following variety of healing and meditation. Every individual will be separately provided with the plan that need to be followed as prescribed by the trainers. 

  1. Arhatic Yoga It combines various steps together that heals the soul and connects you with the divine energies of  nature. It purifies:-

  • Physical Body

  • Mind

  • Soul

  1. Flow Yoga  It include series of yoga postures so that the customer can experience the fluid physical motion. It bring the mental strength in the body and mind. 

  2. Awakening of Chakras It is the method of enlighten the seven chakras that are present on the seven parts of the body. Practising it regularly fills you up with inner deep energy. The location of 7 chakras that heals 7 parts of the body:-

  • Base of spine

  • Lower abdomen

  • Navel

  • Heart

  • Throat

  • Eyebrows

  • Head

  1. Meditation It is the contemplation which perpetuate the balance between body mind and soul. Repeating it on regular basis vanishes all the stress and depression from mind and the one become more clear sighted to take right decisions.

  2.  Healing Therapy It is the process of making the right sequence of energy fields that are present in the chakras. It includes all natural methods so that one can interact with the outer world and nature. The individual feels optimistic, stress free, relaxed instantly after the sessions. The healing Therapy is useful for curing following problems:-

  • Physical solution, particularly pain in any body part.

  • Physical ailments in the body.

  • Relationship issues 

  • Stress & Depression that ruins the peace from life.

  • Diseases 

  • Phobias and fears

  •  Mental Disturbance

  • Addictions that makes you suffer everyday

  1. Twin heart Therapy It mainly focuses on the emotional side of the individual. It relaxes the heart chakras by healing the violent and negative thoughts from the body.

The Pranic Healing Foundation offers the healing therapy which  involves the steps that helps you to evolve all the stress and retain the accurate balance between energies . It helps to develop inner values, enhance decision making power, experience positive vibes and many more other benefits.



Pranic Healing Foundation is not only focuses on health and stress releasing but it also support you to develop the inner qualities that let you live life with more confidence.We organise various special offers at the festival time, to cheer up our customer and also to spread more awareness about ultimate benefits of meditation & healing. Like:-

  • Weight Gain 
  • Weight Lose
  • Diamond Facial Therapy
  • Increase Concentration Therapy

The values & qualities also enhance  in the human body  along with attaining fitness, like:-

  1. Self-Motivation
  2. Harmony
  3. Patience
  4. Calmness
  5. Leadership
  6. Self-Confidence

One can enjoy personal training, In home training, and group training as per the conveinience of the customer. The co-operative trainers and staff is there to hear the queries and issues so that one release stress and feel comfortable.

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Individual Training
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Weight Management

Pranic Healing foundation is the one of the best Meditation & Healing service providers in india came into existance  for the benefit of common people, We also aimed to resolve the stress from the minds of people that arise at various stages of life. Our foundation is highly renowned for its services world-wide, and its main branch is in banglore. We have established a branch of our foundation in punjab so that we can reach to more and more people who are suffering from the imbalanced life. We have designed and accomodated various healing therapies and meditation therapies related to cure the stress and heal the body from inside.

Our therapy include curing without any medicine, drug or harmfull vaccine. We use the all natural methods and techniques like Twin-Heart Therapy, Chakras Awakening Therapy which naturally relaxes the mind and soul, shatters the stress and ends up tranforming you optimistic towards the life. Miss. Ritu Kochar is the cheif trainer and she is highly known for her experience and skills to take invidual out from the traumatic phases of life. Not only stress releasing but meditation and healing has the power to keep you live longer, stay healthier and positive for living happy life.

There are number of satisfied customers who expereinced the positive outcomes of attending sessions prescribed by us to resolve their particular issue. We also teach methods to keep it practising even at home to heal yourself. To get most out of the sessions one should attend it with staying attentive and regular. Our staff and trainers give their best to facilitate you and come out clean on the expectatios of customers in the very affordable price.

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