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Royal Karate Academy is providing specialised training for the following forms of martial arts :-

  1. MMA ( Mix Martail Arts) :- It is the most popular form of martial arts widely practised all over world. There are no bounding of rules and regulation in this type of martial arts. This is also risky if practised carelessly. A proper step by step training is provided to every student at their individual level.

  2. Taekwondu :-  This include the fast movement of head, fingers, hands and legs to defend and attack. The mind should observe movements and the student should have quick desicion making skill to attack the opponent. We develop these skills in the individual with regular practising.

  3. Traditonal Martial Arts :- The proper rules and regulations are followed to perform this form. One should be prepared mentally and physically before practising it. We follow the proper work out routine to divert the mind of student from pressurising outer world to relaxed and calm inner-self to keep them learning.

  4. Karate :- This is one of the most practised form of martial arts and very popular among childern. A proper discipline and rules are followed to learn karate. The training will begin from basics to the higher levels. It can also be learned to develop the self- defensive skills in the childern.

  5. Judo :- We provide training for judo also it is traditional form of karate in which a set of instructions are followed and avery movement is countable. our skilled instructors teach judo by dividing it into levels like basics, intermediate and professional level.


Royal Karate Academy is providing many other facilities along with training. Like :-

  1. Provides Equipments :- We provide equipments like puching bag, gloves, pads and others to enhance the learning process. This also brings the self motivation in the childern. 

  2. The Martial Arts Uniform :- A proper attire is followed while practising. Uniform and dress code are the neccessory part to look connected and attached with their particular feilds. 

  3. Syllabus is Folllowed :- A proper syllabus is followed according to the time limit of membership. The training will be divided into various levels. 

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Royal Karate Academy well established and renowned in north india, We have launched number of branches to provide the specialise training of martial arts and connect the childern with their traditional culture. We teach a student to set their own benchmark in their life to motivate and inspire others, we specially focus on the individual behaviour of every student to guide them according to the requirement. We have specialised and certified instructors available for teaching various forms of martial arts. Martial arts brings all the neccessory qualities and skills in the childern like outer body strength, patience, self- indulging skill, participative skills, competative skills, self- defensice skills and many more others.

Every parent want their childern to have qualities like this, which can be brought by right upbringing and playing a sport. Martial arts is aport highly practised all over the world and many people adopted it as a profession. It makes you tough from outside as well as clam and patient from inside. Mr. Teja Katuwal, Respected owner of Royal Karate Academy adopted martial arts as a profession and he is earning popularity, making our nation proud in all over the world by his dedication and hard work. There are many students of Royal Karate academy who took part in the many tournaments and competitions in all over the world and also they are getting medals, awards and recognition in the world.

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