1 Month Yoga Membership
Give yourself a chance to uplift & enhance. 
 1 Month
₹ 2500
₹ 3000
1 Month Yoga Membership with disease recovery
Cure any disease like blood pressure, diabetes etc with YOGA. 
 1 Month
₹ 3500
₹ 4000
1 Month Full-Fitness Program with Home Service
This will be beneficial for whole family, achieve your fitness goals, improve fitness internally as well as externally.. 
 1 Month
₹ 8000
₹ 9000
Product & Services

Tandrusti yoga studio have designed and included many yoga and fitness training programmes which are adopted after proper research and development for the internal as well as external growth of the individual.

  1. Aerobics:-  It includes attaining fitness with fun, it is a kind of rhythemic fitness training in which every individual follows the steps of trainer. It increases the energy level reduces stress level and depression.

  2. Fitness Training:-   In this we focus on the overall fitness and provide a proper chart inclusive of diet, exercises, yoga asanas required and suitable for an individual and a daily routine is followed according to it. The health goal is targeted which is to be achieved by individual in the set time.

  3. Yoga Asanas:-  The various yoga asanas are instructed which can also cure the diseases. These are also benefitial to live a healthy & energetic life. Some of the popular yoga asanas are Vinsaya Yoga, Ashtaang Yoga, Hot Yoga and many more.

  4. Thai Yoga Classes  This is one of the most practised yoga type, originated from thailand. This is practised to regulate the disfunctioning of nerves and bone. In this a particular point of nerve or bone is pressed and punched by trainer to cure it. 

  5. Power Yoga Classes:-   This is one of the most energetic forms of yoga practised to increase the endurance and strength of individual.

  6. Stretching:-   It includes number of steps which are followed to stretch the muscles and bones. The right stretching is very important to continue any other activity. A proper guidance is provided here for stretching.

  7. Meditation:-   It is related to the spiritual background in which one can attain the peace, relaxation, self- energy. This requires a proper guidanace and number of steps are followed one by one.

  8. Basic Exercises:-   The basic exercises are designed for childerns and old aged persons, these include less movement of body parts and the exercises that can be practised on daily basis at any time.



Along with the above benefits and services, Tandrusti Yoga Centre have added some more services concerning to  today's culture & lifestyle, in the following :-

  1. Home Service :- This service is provided considering the busy lifestyles of people. Personal yoga class at home will enhance the comfort zones of the individual. It will also be benefitial for the whole family. A seperate programme and plan will be followed for every individual.

  2. Fitness Diet Chart:-  This is provided to maintain the daily lifestyle of the individual by following proper diet and exercise shcedule for better growth and many more other benefits.

  3. Ladies Fitness Classes:-  A seperate operating timing is shceduled for ladies only so, that they can feel comfortable while doing yoga asanas and exercises.

  4. Personal Training:-  The proper personal guidance at home is also provided for those who cannot exhaust free time to reach our yoga studio. This saves the time and also one can get professional training at home.

  5. Child's Fitness Classes:-  The advanced lifetyle is very progressive on the other hand pressurising too. We have designed many yoga & fitness programmes for the youth to regulate their health & fitness so that they can acieve every goal in their lifes.

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Group Training
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Individual Training
Individual Training

Tandrusti Yoga Studio is well renowned yoga centre in jalandhar, known for its perfection in the feild of  yoga.We provide the best goal oriented fitness trainings for all age groups as per their need of the fitness and their neeed of point of attraction. Mr. Balbir Pal is the owner & very experienced yoga instructor himself. He adopted yoga as a career during his college time because he found it is one of the most popular and respected profession among others. He wanted to serve the nation with this tremendous art form. He believes in creating oppportunities by own and yoga is the only way to self attainment and to live a healthy life.


  1. Height Gain Programme

  2. Weight Loss Weight Gain Programme

  3. Figure Tone and Maintain Programme

  4. Figure EnhancementUnder Plus Size Programme

  5. Muscle Development or Gain Programme

  6. Body Mass index Management Programme

  7. Organal Efficiency Imrovement & Maintain Programme

  8. All Types of Yoga With Levels

& many more.

Yoga is the solution to many Problems, Disfunctioning of any body part. Yoga keeps you active, alert and increases the decision making power and concentration level.  The yoga is divided into two catogries, namely- Body oriented & Spritiual, both requires proper guidance and supportive sorroundings in which our yoga studio is proficient. We are here to provide you the right training and instruction to gain a healthy lifestyle within your comfort zones. 

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