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DANCE is the way to a positive and energetic life. 
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Lets make a perfect dance move together. 
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Get a professional training and take part in international events. 
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The Different styles of dance offered by The United Dance Company are :-

1. Western Bhangra :- This is one of latest dance forms brought in our dance company to increase the passion, skills & interest of individual in practising. This dance form is practised in all over world, it is a fusion of bhangra and western style dance.

2. Classical Fusion :- This is a combination of Indian classical and Western dance, So that individual can represent indian culture with the western style. It is a unique form of dance introduced by us  to maintain the interest of  the individual.

3. Street Jazz :-  This is very popular dance form among the youngsters. It requires a hard practise & training to perform street jazz, our trainers are here to support you at every level so that you rise above.

4. Urban Dance :- In this style you will learn more advanced features of western style dancing. This dance forms is majorly used for competitions, quick steps are eye catching & energetic body is needed for which we guide you proper warm-up sesssion. So that you can fully indulge yourself in practicing the urban dance form.

5. Hip -Hop :- This is the most commonly but highly chosen dance form in the youth. To become a professional hip-hoper you will require a tough training, proper maintainance of body strength, right posture to prevent fractures. Our trainers will guide you and provide you proper training.

6. Break Dance :- This dance form include the spinning & movement  of foots, hands & head. The person performing break dance should be athletic & energetic. These includes power moves and freezes. The proper techinique is teached by our trainers for make you learn faster.

7. Bollywood :- This is the indian style of dancing inspired from bollywood heroes & heroines. The bollywood dance is highly popular in childern whether it is annual function at school or any ocassion childerns love to follow dance moves of thier favourite actor. We also teach bollywood dance to increase the passion in the childern.


Here are some other facilites The United Dance Company is providing along with dance to facilitate you with more services :-

  1. Aerobics :-  Fitness & healthy body is very crucial part of today's lifestyle and we are making it achievable to you with fun & excitement. The batch classes for Aerobics is available here to achieve healthy fitness.

  2. Wedding Choreography :- We are also providing classes for wedding choreography in which we teach bollywood dance group or solo, Dance performance for groom & bridal and many more.

  3. Special Offers for the Family :-   Special offers like free of cost training to one family member from whole family is available. to minimize the expenses and increase the fun.

  4. Home Classes :- Our trainers will provide you home training also to maintain the comfort level & provide you easily affordable classes. 


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Car parking
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Personal Trainer
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Group Training
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Individual Training
Individual Training

The United Dance Company is newly established and highly maintained to enhance & polish your passion for dance. Our academy is launched with introducing new dance styles like dance on heels, urban style dance, western bhangra & many more to bring more opportunities and to provide more wider choice of dance styles to the individual.Mr. Aman Saroya, one of the trainer and owner, he is the dance enthusiast and he has chosen dance as the life carier. He believes everybody should follow their dreams and dreams can be achieved with passion and hardwork so kick off your shoes & dance to transform your dream into reality with us.

We have specialised trainers for dance who had participated in many dance events all over india, we will provide you advanced & affordable training to every individual whether he or she is learning professionaly or ocassionaly. The operating timings are set as per the conveinience of the costumer. The environment of our academy is quite freindly & cordial which will be advantageous for you to feel confident, relaxed & sustained while practising. 


  1. We provide special offer package for the wedding choreography.

  2. We have special plans for kids regular dance classes.

  3. We have seperate opertaing timing available for ladies concerning to their comfort.

  4. We are also available with private & individual classes, which minimize the efforts and you can learn at your home.

  5. We are also providing fitness classes by teaching aerobics, power yoga and many more.

  6. We are also available with demo classes for one day, so that you can easily finalize your decision.

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Thursday 08:00 AM To 11:00 AM , 03:00 PM To 10:00 PM
Friday 08:00 AM To 11:00 AM , 03:00 PM To 10:00 PM
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