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The Thub Blao Academy is providing training for Traditional as well as advanced level of  martial art training along with this,  fitness & yoga training is also available for ladies and gents to sustain their regular fitness and health. So we are having suitable and affordable plans for all the age groups.

  1. Kick Boxing :- It is a sport based on kicks and punches to defend the opponent. It is the most important tool for self-defence and regular fitness. Our Skilled trainers teach the student to make the right formation while defending and many more other skills in the training period.
  2. Karate :- It is the sport which includes the movement of whole body and the individual should be energetic to do high jumps, use hands, legs and knees like weapons. We train student as per the requirement and interest level, we are available with different plans for basic, inter mediate and advanced level of karate training. A student can also persue it as a profession and can get the training to compete at the international level.
  3. Muay Thai :- This is the traditional form of karate which brings patience, stability & endurance  in the individual. This style of karate include the movement of  knees, elbows and hands as weapons to the opponent. The trainer guide to retain focus and to lead with perfection.
  4. Jeet Kune do :- It is the form of Martial Arts developed by Bruce Lee. It is formless and free style type of traditional Kung-Fu. This type of Kung-Fu is brought by our academy to teach different types of martial arts at the same time & teach the students about the diversity and history of martial arts and sports.
  5. Self Defence :-  These include the basic stpes of  Martial Arts teached to stay active and fit in the daily life. This is very important to learn self-defence for the childerns to become self-dependent and reduce the panicness in the adverse situations. These include several positions and formations teached for attacking and defending the opponent.
  6. Meditation :- We provide training for developing the entire health of the individual through meditation. The ladies, Gents, old-aged persons along with childern sholud come and practise this in regular life to reduce stress and depression. 
  7. Taekwondu :- It is the famous korean martial art. We are teaching taekwondu because it has many opportunities in the sports at national as well as international level. It includes full body movement, high jumps , fast moving hands and head to defend the opponent.


The Thub Blao Academy is not just covering the different styles and forms of sports but we are also having plans and fitness classes for general fitness, these are available for all age groups. 

  1. Special Fitness Classes :- We are providing special fitness classes to maintain the activeness, inner strength and reduce the ageing effect in the individual. This is the group training and the set timing is followed for the batch.
  2. Yoga Classes :- The yoga classes are available at very affordable price. here, we teach the basic yoga including the full body movement to maintain the health right functioning of the organs.
  3. Cardio Fitness Training :- This training is for a healthy heart. In today's lifestyle high or low B.P  is very common, these diseases are related to heart. We provide cardio fitness training to reduce the cholestrol level and also maintain the blood pressure level of the individual.
  4. Preparation for School Competitions :- We prepare childern for school competitions/ tournaments and games so that the student get the excellence and right guidance from our skilled and experienced trainers.

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Group Training
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Individual Training

The Thub Blao Academy is highly maintained & reputed Academy in Jalandhar. We are teaching Kung-Fu, Karate, Self-Defence & many more other activities along with dignity and magnificance from last 3 years. Our highly skilled trainers motivate every student to bring perfection and patience in themselves. Mr. T.Kr.Narzary is very experienced  chief intructor and the honorable owner of the academy, he has widely partcipated in many tournaments all over world and made our nation proud. So, he got inspired by this sport and wanted the other childern to learn this tremendous skill so he started this academy as the school of chinese martial arts and chosen it as a profession. Our academy is providing traditional as well as advanced level training of  Kung-Fu & Karate to students so, that they lead with magnificance. We retain a balance between the studies and training of the student by providing the suitable & comfortable timing to them. We promote freindly and supportive environment for childern so that they get perfection in every field of life.

Not just this, students of our academy have earned many awards and recognition all over india by participating in many competitions whether, district level, state level, national level and many more. Partcipation develops motivation, self-confidence and inner strength of the student. We will provide the student opportunity to show their talent all over india and gain recognition by partcipating in competitions and tournaments. Also we, train students to to adopt sports like martial arts as a life carier, we bring more and more opportunities from all over the world to support the talent of students so that they make their nation and family proud.





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