1 Month sports Membership
Learn the fundamentals of Table Tennis with specialized trainers. 
 1 Month
₹ 2000
₹ 2500
3 Month Sports Membership
Transform Your Hobby into profession with our skilled teachers. 
 3 Months
₹ 5000
₹ 5500
6 Month Membership + 1 Month Extra
We provide the professional training in affordable price. 
 6 Months
₹ 10000
₹ 11000
1 Month Dance Membership
Expertise yourself in the field of dance. 
 1 Month
₹ 1000
₹ 1500
Product & Services

The Wings Academy is giving rise to gentrifying and renovating the mind and body with delivering the wide range of activities. We brought up the most vital and demanded activities that can be practised on the regular basis. We are here to escort you from stress and pressurising outer world by supporting you at your individual level. 

The Wings Academy is providing the following services :-

  1. Table Tennis

  2. Yoga

  3. Open Roof Gym

  4. Fitness Sessions

  5. Dance 

a)  Contemoprary

b)  Hip-Hop

c)  Jazz

d)  Bhangra

e)  Folk

f)  Bollywood

         6. Music

         7. Mind Renovation 

         8. Wedding Choreography

         9. Painting 

        10. Coaching For Studies

We are offering a platform so that children as well as youth can attain perfection in any of the mentioned feilds.  We are providing the supportive environment to bring self-learning capability into them.

Sports plays the most important role in the life of children, we bring the High standard  training for Table tennis is delivered by the skilled trainers so that one can persue it as a hobby or even as a profession. Various competitions and tournaments are arranged time to time, which enhances the confidence level and presentation skills in the individual.

The Healthy Body & Mind is the basic need for every human being, we have brought up various Fitness Sessions for health enthusiasts. like Fitness walk, Mile Running, Fitness games, Marathon, Cycling and many more. The fully vantilated sorroundings to practise Yoga as well as various gym activities is available under one roof. The Open Roof Gym will be consisting of ,

  1. Cardio fitness training

  2.  Crossfit training

  3.  Body tone up sessions

and many more are available.

Everyone of us loves Music and Dance, we are available with the highly expereinced trainers to teach you various styles of dance and music. 

Along with vocal training we also facilitates you Guitar Learning Sesiions, Music Recording, to enhance your learning experience. One can learn it as hobby and also can go for professional training.

The Wings Academy is providing service in enhancing your studies also by providing the Coaching for Studies. A studious environment is seperately set up for the students. Along with learning number of activities are also available to increase concentration, learning skills and many more.

Our academy is also providing training for Art and Painting as it releases the stress and increases the confidence levels in the individual. Our experienced trainers are available with their tremendous skill of arts and crafts. One can continue it as a hobby as well as profession.


THE WINGS ACADEMY is also active in variious other activities to provide you more facilties and services. These are :-

  1. MIND RELAXATION SESSIONS:- These sessions are designed to reduce the stress and depression  in the individual. The daily pressurizing routines, continues failures and high competitons gives rise to negetive thinking and depression, we have designed various games and activities like on the spot painting, run for fun and many more fun events will be organised to overcome depression.

  2. MENTAL & PHYSICAL FITNESS :- We are highly focusing on the health of the individual. We will provide you self tested remedies to stay healthy and fit. Only the equal and right development in mental and physical health  provides you the right strength.

  3. PROPER DIVISION OF OPERATTING TIMING :- As we are teaching alot of activities we are also focusing on the right division of operating time to reduce the confusion and mismanagement. The set time will be followed for every activity in such a way that a individual will be able to participate in more and more events.

  4. SPECIAL PLANS FOR CHILDERN AS WELL AS PARENTS :- We are organising special events and plans for parents as well as childern so that a person will be able to spend the family time together and the whole family develop and achieve thier goals together.


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Diet Cafe
Diet Cafe

The Wings Academy is newly established and organised platform including various activities to stay healthy, creative & active. Nowadays, the rapidly growing culture led to the increasing advancement and increasing multi-tasking abilities in the childern We bring a platform so that a childern can maintain a balance between hobby as well as profession Even if it is dance, music,studies, sports, yoga, and many other under one roof. Our team is here to guide you and provide you proper guidence to push your limits and fly higher to catch your dreams and goals.

Mr. Gurchetan Singh Teji is the owner and cheif instructor in fitness training and  mind relaxation sessions, these sessions are designed for the parents to reduce stress and depression by playing various mind relaxing games. He has highly focused on the increasing carier pressure and rapidly changing daily routine of the childern as well as parents and after the research he established Wings Academy in which the operating time is divided among various activities in such a way that childern become able and can perform multi tasks under the guidance of professional teachers. Our Academy is making it possible for you to attain excellence in various activites under the affordable prices. 

We brought up many newly designed activites and concepts to bring the freshness like Open Roof Gym, Mind Relaxation Sessions, Weight Reduction Sessions and many more. We promote the self-engaging, healthy and freindly environment for the childern as well as parents, therefore we set up  the different activities under one roof  that will encourage the individual to stay active and energetic and increase the ability of self learning.

Monday 05:00 AM To 02:00 PM , 02:00 PM To 08:00 PM
Tuesday 05:00 AM To 02:00 PM , 02:00 PM To 08:00 PM
Wednesday 05:00 AM To 02:00 PM , 02:00 PM To 08:00 PM
Thursday 05:00 AM To 02:00 PM , 02:00 PM To 08:00 PM
Friday 05:00 AM To 02:00 PM , 02:00 PM To 08:00 PM
Saturday 05:00 AM To 02:00 PM , 02:00 PM To 08:00 PM
Sunday Closed
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