For couple of decades scientist researched and appraised that doing aerobics exercises helps in strengthen brain as well as support in the growth of neurons too. Whereas, few studies does says how doing yoga do also affect the brain means its outcomes are similar to aerobics exercises in support and growth of the brain.

The published journal of Brain Plasticity has researched and emphasize on the many studies done on the yoga and brain relationship. Where during the tenure of twenty four weeks five studies observe the outcomes from beginning to the end that has not done on regular basis, and other studies quantify the difference between individual brains that practice yoga on daily basis. Here common technique of MRI is being used among all studies regarding the functionality of brain including body movements, meditation and breathing.

The parallel outcome of doing yoga or aerobics reflects in the proliferation of hippocampus over time. It involve in the memory but sluggish with the person age continues. However, studies are exploratory in nature rather than to be conclusive for precise information impact. But it does states those who doing yoga on regular basis are more efficient and effective in their different work engagements as well as better in managing and scheduling their life accordingly.

The study says as yoga is not like aerobics but there is still some kind of mechanism which differentiates them irrespective of similar outcomes because there is no evidence at time to prove about the type of mechanism. Yoga has vast benefits in shaping individual life from worse to better by reducing anxiety, stress, depression, physical fatigue, and physical deficiency and so on. Eventually Damoiseaux says utmost requirement is needed to study more closely to find and identify the precise yoga effects on the brain.