England team former captain and legend football player Wayne Rooney affected a lot due to his habitual choice of playing gamble. But the time since he quit it, he felt confident and decided to talk about it as well because he had hurt his luxury career and celebrity life due to engagement in the gambling.

He started his career on a good not and participated in many local, national, international leagues and tournaments. And in return won millions heart with money but loose to a bad choice he made to play gamble which made him irresponsible, greedy and violent. He shared his story with 32Red’s how he framed himself and destroyed. It all started when you sit idle in your hotel team and has nothing to do, and unfortunately a wrong step to keep you busy makes you blind until you get aware by someone or with time. I took advantage to play through phone call betting rather than going in person. Putting money on betting becomes lust to earn more and more and eventually you started losing money as well as health too.

But I am thankful I got saved from this curse by paying back what I lost. It is like you do not know how you are living your life and what does it brings you. That’s why no excuse should be made to play gamble.