Guru Kirpa Yoga Center has organised get together party and celebrated independence day. The parents and childerns participated in various games and won the prizes. The event was organised to encourage the childerns towards the betterment of the country. The theme of dress code waas white outfit. |The participants have painted the flag on their faces to bring the feeling of patriotism. All the participants and present audience started the events with singing patriotic songs like National Anthem and Hum honge kamyaab. Also at the beggining of the event all took the oath to become a responsible citizen of the country. Meena, Manjari, Iqbaal, Anuradha, Anil were present in the event. The event was organised on a very large scale.  Many of the costumers who were connected with the academy from a long time motivated other new costumers to work hard for theiir fitness.