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Aarti Sharma

 Experience: 15 years,    Gender: Female

 Location: Jalandhar   Fitness/Gym


Hi i am your Dance Trainer who will teach you workouts along with fun of dance.I am having 15 years of experince with 50+ experienced clients. I am helping my clients live a healthier lifestyle. My passion and expertise is lifestyle transformation.I have mastered in weight lose program.

I absolutely love watching clients go through the transformation! The hard work they have to put in. The dedication it takes to achieve their goal.

The lack of energy, The negative mindset and words they use at the start,this all vanishes over time! Becoming more positive, Confident in themselves, Stronger, Fitter and readyto develop a new mindset along the way, enjoying a new and better healthy lifestyle


 i offer unisex classes & services from individual to group training classes, sessions to its potential customer, and always eager to take care of comfort and satisfaction level too. Eventually our customer spend more time in doing their favourite activity learning or practising than loosing money, time, energy at some where else. .Dance facilities available for all ages from kids to adults and specific plan they may choose from personal, individual training to group training.

  1. Folk Dance,
  2. Western Dance
  3. Bollywood Dance
  4. Hip Hop
  5. Popping 
  6. Locking
  7. Bone Breaking
  8. Contemporary
  9. Salsa Samba
  10. Urban Dance
  11. Kathak Dance
  12. Classical

Fitness classes, sessions for all ages from kids to adults depending on the plan they choose from personal, individual training to group training.

  1. Aerobics
  2. Zumba
  3. Bhangra
  4. Creative Movements 
  5. Basic Yoga Classes
  6. Weight lose program

20 x sessions
Get the professional training from qualified trainers. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 2500
₹ 3000

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