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Amanpreet sandhu

 Experience: 3 years,    Gender: Female

 Location: Jalandhar   Fitness/Gym


I am Ankita passionate for fitness nd health. I individually support clients who entrust in me to reach their physical and also emotional goals too. The relationship with my clients is very important to me, I’m in a position of trust and the ability to influence their physicality, as well as their mind-set.

I enjoy taking my clients through their fitness journey to maximise health that’s there for the taking if you know how, and have the right support.


I have designed many activities & services for ladies concerning to maintain the health and energetic body in the rapidly changing lifestyle and trends. these are :-

  1. Cardio Exercise :- it helps to increse the strengths of haeart muscles, increase the endurance level. We have designed cardio exercise for the women who wants to reduce weight & burn calories.

  2. Aerobics :- It includes dance steps with a benefits like a exercise. This helps to keep you energetic and keep your mind refresh.

  3. Stepper Aerobics :- it is type of aerobics which is more simple and will provide you equal benefits like exercise. It helps in losing weight and increasing stamina.

  4. Yoga :- Many forms of yoga are available, it varies according to the body type and requirement of body.

  5. Pilate Exercises :- It is a kind of mat exercise designed for the ladies who feel difficult to do heavy exercise or workout on daily basis.

20 x sessions
Build up your body. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 2000
₹ 2500
1 month membership
Get the professional training from qualified trainer. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 3500
₹ 4000

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