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Bhavika Rathod

 Experience: 9 years,    Gender: Female

 Location: Mumbai   Yoga


Live life at its best and do yoga, I am your personal fitness as well as yoga trainer. Hire me if you want to stay fit and active. I will teach you all neccessory techniques for all workouts and exercises. I will teach you every kind of Yoga workout depend upon your body type.

I will help you making a diet plan according to your body type and your preferences (veg. or Non veg.)

Take a free trial with me, i will give you a summary of overall membership plan and after answering some of my questions, i will tell you the most suitable plan for you.

I will be happy to see you in my next session


Yoga is helpful in many ways :-

  • It keeps your body flexibe 
  • It makes your mind relaxed throughout the day
  • It is helpful to control Health issues 
  • It is good for blood circulation


  • Aashtang Yoga ( It is good to reduce stress and get a flexible body)
  • Power Yoga ( It helps you to retain energy)
  • Cardio ( it is good for muscles Better growth)
  • Meditation ( it keeps you calm and build up inner strength)
  • Aerobics ( It is a fun activity along with getting healthier)
  • Kids Yoga ( it include a package of aasanas for kids)


Individual Bookings
20 x sessions
This will include all yoga exercises that will help you reach your fitness goal. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 2000
₹ 2500

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