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Deepak Patel

 Experience: 3 years,    Gender: Male

 Location: New Delhi   Fitness/Gym


I think yoga is many things to many people. To me, yoga is about coming back to The Self. Time on the yoga mat creates space for me to pause and focus inwards. Yoga is a tool for living with more connection, more lightness and joy. I love to share my experience and understanding of yoga through teaching. I look forward to meeting you in mu virtual class.


I teach a range of classes: energising Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, relaxing Hatha yoga and nurturing Pregnancy yoga. The classes are friendly, inclusive, and accessible with options for you to work at your own level. I also run yoga workshops and offer 1-2-1 sessions.

Yoga isn’t about being bendy. You work with your body. We all bring different things with us to the practice. If you’re interested please come along and give it a try.

I look forward to meeting you in the class.

20 x sessions
Build up your body. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 1000
₹ 1500
1 week membership
Burn them calories and feel much fitter. Build a healthier heart, lose weight not muscle!. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 599
₹ 999

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