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Dinesh Dagar

 Experience: 6 years,    Gender: Male

 Location: Haryana   Fitness/Gym


  • This is dinesh, i am your personal trainer. My clients describe me as: helpful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive and most importantly approachable.
  • Most of the time you are guided by wrong information, what you are told in the diet industry is rubbish and based on fancy marketing
  • I aim to help my clients find a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight and improve their fitness levels.
  • I am a normal human being just like you, outside of fitness I love drinking gin, eating pizza and burgers and I’m a bit of a nerd. 
  • I get results, I help my clients lose on average up to 2 stone in 12 weeks.
  • They feel more confident with their body, and less stressed. 


  • Nutrition advice – No meal plans, quick fixes, fad diets or starving yourself just simple habit changes, I will help to find an approach that works for you and fits into your lifestyle

20 x sessions
Get the professional training from qualified trainers. 
 60 minutes everyday weekend off
Free via ActiveU
₹ 2000
5 x sessions
Build up your body. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 1000
₹ 1500

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