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Himanshu Jha

 Experience: 3 years,    Gender: 

 Location: Chattisgrah   Fitness/Gym


I believe that through exercise you can improve how you feel and I think that the mental benefits of keeping active are really important.  If I have had a tough day and feel tired before a workout I know that after exercise I will be in a much better mood with more energy.  The difficult part is getting motivated to exercise if you are feeling low, tired or stressed. This is when working with a personal trainer can really help.


Do you want to improve your fitness and / or lose weight?  

Maybe you need a kick start to getting back into regular exercise?  

Would you like to work with a friendly mobile personal trainer at a time and place that suits you?

If you have answered yes to these questions then look no further.


Getting fit and staying fit is not easy, if it was then everyone would be in shape.  I won’t sell you quick fixes as they don’t work, the key is to make sustainable lifestyle changes that work for you.  It doesn’t matter your size, shape, age or level of fitness.  I work with beginners to those who have been working out for a while.

20 x sessions
Build up your body. 
 60 minutes everyday weekend off
₹ 4000
₹ 5000
1 month membership
Get the professional training from qualified trainers. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 5500
₹ 6000

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