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Lalit Kumar


 Experience: 10 years,    Gender: male

 Location: Delhi   Fitness/Gym


This is your fitness and gym trainer LALIT KUMAR, and i am available with full fitness program for youth. Also We are having experinced instructors for teaching Zumba, Aerobics, Fitness Training, Meditation, Yoga and many more activities. There are so many satisfied and happy costumers. 

The individual plan is  followed for every individual and the results will apper in few days. I am having immense knowledge and experince in this field. I know how to keep you indulged and motivated with my  satisfying services.I guide individual to take step further and get educated to stay fit in the long run as well as  there is no need to look back  now you can also achieve fitness by joining with us. It is the best place where i can display all the fitness programms that are performed  under one roof which is ActiveU.


Lalit Kumar has managed so many fitness programs to maintain your fitness along with educating you the benefits of fitness. The positive transformation of your body from unhealthy to fittest one is my ultimate goal.

  1. Top to toe Toning :- This session is all about body shaping according to the age and height. In this session the body mass index is brought up to the right percentage with following the right diet and exercise routine.

  2. Weight Reduction :- Majority of people are prone to obesity due to bad eating habits. This program will provide you knowledge about everyday remedies & also we are available with the combination of proper exercise and gym equipments to reduce the weight at the faster rate.

  3. Zumba & Aerobics :- These are the forms of exercise which are performed along with musical backgrounds and maintaining the cordination between all. These brings the passion to get healthier and practising it daily becomes full of fun.

  4. Body Building :- I will provide you a guided training with the experience of 10+ years. It will include your diet plans, exercising technique and alot more.

1 month membership
Build up your body. 
 60 minutes everyday weekend off
₹ 6999
10 x sessions
Burn them calories and feel much fitter. Build a healthier heart, lose weight not muscle!. 
 60 minutes everyday weekend off
₹ 1999
₹ 3000

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Lalit kumar

he is great trainer and having very friendly nature. he motivates me like to push harder


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