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Rishabh Upadhyay

 Experience: 3 years,    Gender: Male

 Location: Delhi   Yoga


I started Yoga to bring a sense of balance to my life. It helped me physically when I was working on computers, and improved my breathing pattern. Later I started to understand that Yoga is a holistic therapy that also works on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

 I want to help others achieve the happiness and confidence they deserve and truly unlock the endless potential of what their mind and body can achieve.

Share my energy and enthusiasm to build a happier lifestyle through unique 1-1 remote personal training sessions and discover what your body is capable of. With your wellbeing as my priority, anyone of any age, ability and experience can achieve their goals and flourish with a new found confidence.


Measurements, Progress Photos & Discussion on how you are getting on with your plan. Adjustments will be made if needed.

Calculation of calories depending on your goals. A Nutritional Meal Plan will be given upon request, where I will provide a meal guide which suits your calories & macros. We will discuss your likes & dislikes before this.

A training programmed tailored to your goals and access to equipment


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