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Ruchi Virmani

 Experience: 3 years,    Gender: female

 Location: Faridabad   Yoga


I teach a range of classes: energising Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, relaxing Hatha yoga and nurturing Pregnancy yoga. The classes are friendly, inclusive, and accessible with options for you to work at your own level. I also run yoga workshops and offer 1-2-1 sessions.

Yoga isn’t about being bendy. You work with your body. We all bring different things with us to the practice. If you’re interested please come along and give it a try.

I look forward to meeting you on the live class.


Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga 

If you are feeling adventurous and looking for a challenge, give Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga a try.

Power yoga 

This yoga type is advised for thrill loving people. It includes number of yoga aasanas in a sequence. which need to be done in a single stroke no break in between. 

Restorative yoga

It is to retore a pain which can be due to blockage of nerves or pain in back or legs. It includes basic stretching of all over body.

Hatha yoga

It includes a series of yoga aasanas starting with a paranayam. It is helpful to acheive deeper peace of mind and helps in meditation.


  • increase flexibility of your muscles.

  • increase strength and overall endurance.

  • improve your respiration and cardio health.

  • helps you sleep in a proper manner

  • helpful for the person who works dynamically

  • improve overall health

  • reduce injuries and body pain

Individual Bookings
3 Days Virtual Yoga Class
Stay dynamic and rejuvenated internally as well externally. Learn yoga, ask your queries and feel healthy.. 
 45 Minutes on ZOOM app
₹ 99
1 month membership
Build up your body with the best training. 
 60 minutes everyday weekend off
₹ 1500
₹ 1000
20 x sessions
Burn them calories and feel much fitter. Build a healthier heart, lose weight not muscle!. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 1500
₹ 2000
4 Month Membership
Lets get fit digitally. 
 40 minutes zoom class
₹ 3800
₹ 4500
6 Month Membership
Learn yoga with passion with us !!. 
 40 minutes zoom class
₹ 8000
₹ 10000

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