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 Experience: 6 years,    Gender: Male

 Location: Maharashtra   Yoga


I am shyambhai and we teach on shaymbhai online classes. I started Yoga to bring a sense of balance to my life. It helped me physically when I was working on computers, and improved my breathing pattern. Later I started to understand that Yoga is a holistic therapy that also works on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

We are experienced as well as qualified, we belive to give individual support to every client, because every body type, health goals are different.



There are so many styles of yoga these days - it is sometimes difficult to find what we really want

  • Practice yoga the traditional way, with a teacher who is sensitive to your needs
  • We will design and adapt the yoga to make it relevant to you and your life

1 month membership
Build up your body. 
 60 minutes everyday weekend off
₹ 2000
₹ 3500
20 x sessions
Burn them calories and feel much fitter. Build a healthier heart, lose weight not muscle!. 
 60 minutes everyday
₹ 999
₹ 1999

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