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Sumit Mantri (CPT)

 Experience: 2 year,    Gender: Male

 Location: Maharashtra   Fitness/Gym


This is Sumit Mantri, your FITNESS trainer.I believe that health is very crucial for a human being. My virtual classes are popular in the area in my locality, I think i can reach more people through internet and can heal the poeple who are suffering from the imbalanced life. I have experience of 2+ years,along 

I believe that FITNESS not only release stress but it has the power to keep you live longer, stay healthier and positive for living happy life.


There are number of satisfied customers who expereinced the positive outcomes of attending virtual or practical sessions. I also teach various methods to keep it practising even at home to keep yourself fit. To get most out of the sessions one should attend it with staying attentive and regularly

If u want to fiter and stronger.  {  join this program }

    -fat loss /muscle gain (Strength)

-Personalized Workout routine -  *suppliment guidence (free

-personalized nutrition plan  -  *suppliment guidence(free)

[no harmful supplements/no fat burner/no any stupid eating pattern]


Individual Bookings
Personal training+suppliment guidence (free)
For 2 months. 
 08:00to 10:00 am/ 02:00 to 07:00pm
₹ 399
Nutrition plan
For 2 months. 
 08:00to 10:00 am/ 02:00 to 07:00pm
₹ 399
Combo + suppliment guidence (fre)
For 2 month. 
 08:00to 10:00 am/ 02:00 to 07:00pm
₹ 699

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